Fairer trade in the sector of textiles and textile products

tumblr_inline_mprvj8p6G31qz4rgpInterest rates, until June 2011 decreased, mainly for working capital and investment loans (source: Bank Indonesia). Working capital loans decreased 62 basis points and investment loans dropped 11 basis points, but consumer loans increased 84 basis points. The decline in interest rates also makes the difference between lending rates and deposit rates to decline by an aggregate 5.8 percent.

Textile exports in 2010 approximately 11 billion US dollars and the estimated volume in 2011, with a target at 15 billion U.S. dollars (as an illustration: in the first half of 2011, exports of textiles and apparel foreign exchange reached US$ 2.5 billion). Indonesia occupies the fourth position as a supplier of textile and clothing the world with the United States as its main market. With the composition of Indonesia‚Äôs textile exports are dominated by the garment around 60 percent and the remaining yarn and fabric. [Read more…]