Palm oil mills are still marketable

381960249_602Development of palm oil mills in Indonesia began in 2001 is expected to tend to increase along with the continued increase in world crude palm oil consumption in 2000 amounted to 20.645 million tonnes and production amounted to 19.962 million tonnes and continued to increase until 2010, when world crude palm oil consumption is expected to reach 29 million tons with production reached 28.571 million tons.

From the projection of world crude palm oil production when compared with its needs are still there is a large market opportunity. Meanwhile, CPO demand in the country, both CPO and PKO until today generally can be met from domestic production. Under these conditions means the market opportunities both domestically and to export up to now is still pretty good, this shows that the prospect of building the capacity of 60 tons of IBS / hour palm oil mills are still quite good and in terms of marketing to be marketable. [Read more…]