Cellular and oil reserved market going up

Cellular market

market-shareThe cellular market in Indonesia has seen spectacular growth over the past three years. The market heating up and is potentially lucrative as the demand for mobile phones continues to grow. However, the market penetration rate still remains the lowest in the Asia Pacific region at around %. In 1997, only about 1 million Indonesians were cellular subscribers; by 2001 the number had own to 5.7 million. By the end of 2002 there were 11.3 million subscribers, surpassing the fixed one line market which stood at 7.6 million at the end of 2002. The market grew 59 percent in 2003 18 million subscribers. In 2002 the total revenue for cellular market was $1.17 trillion, and is estimated to reach $2.2 trillion in 2003. But there is still plenty of headroom. In 2004, the number is likely to reach 23 million subscribers. By 2007, the Indonesia‚Äôs cellular-phone market is expected to have 42 million subscribers, about 18 percent of the population. [Read more…]