Pasar Tanah Abang big potential market

damri-bandara-tanah-abangPasar Tanah Abang Blok BB, D, C and E are located in Central Jakarta on Jalan Kebon Jati precisely and Jalan KH Mas Mansyur Kampung Bali Village, Municipality of Central Jakarta with a total area covering approximately 1.5 ha.

The land is bounded by:  Northside is the Tanah Abang Market Block Building BA; Southern Jalan Kebon Jati (Kelurahan Kebon Kacang); West of Tanah Abang Market Block Building BF; Eastside Road KH Fachrudin (Kp Village. Bali)

The location is located relatively close to the area due to commercial and business center close enough to the golden triangle area. At a distance of up to 3 km radius, there are many office buildings or shopping, the Ramayana Market, Metro Tanah Abang and Jakarta City Center (JACC). This location is also located close to office buildings such as Wisma Kosgoro and Plaza Permata at Jl. M.H. Thamrin, and Wisma Atrhaloka and Landmark Building in Jalan Sudirman and public facilities such as Rubber stations, hotels and some apartments are apartments Pavilion Park and Four Seasons Apartments which provide added value to the location of this project in terms of value of economic activity.

Some investors interested in the potential and capabilities, they are likely to be involved in the work of structuring PRTA Block B, D, C and E become PRTA Block B. As a follow-up of the plan, investors will draft proposal to act as a developer on the project Rejuvenation and Structuring PRTA Block B to PD Pasar Jaya.

In PRTA Block B, D, C and E at this time there are as many as 3519 stall space. Of these, there are as many as 555 traders who still have the right to lease until the year 2024, so investors who will act as the developer will replace the stalls at the PRTA Block B to be constructed. Rejuvenation and Structuring PRTA Block B to be done is to rebuild the old building became the location-story building 17 (seventeen) plus 1 floor roof. From 17 floors, as much as 9 (as much) the floor is the location of business space, while the rest of the car parking facilities and other facilities.

This market is aimed at wholesalers who sell products, especially garment and textile.

Various facilities and means a market is provided in order to facilitate activities and provide comfort to the visitor and tenant kiosks. Facilities and support facilities are planned in Block B PRTA are as follows: Central air conditioning & ventilation, electricity from PLN, Generator Set, telephone line that can be connected to each kiosk, the passenger elevator located in 8 or 9 places on each floor, where in each place there are 2 to 3 lifts. For basement parking floor there are 4 places elevator, Escalator many as 24 units on floors 1 and Semi Basement Lower Ground, 18 units at lower ground and ground floors, 12 units on floors 1 and 14 units on 3 floors above it, male and female toilets each each 2 units on each floor, Fire hydrant, hydrant pump (diesel and electric), Sound and car-call systems, emergency stairs at 4 to 6 places on each floor, car parking facilities that will accommodate 727 cars and 1566 motorcycles.

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