Estimating Replacement Costs for Valuation

risk-assesment-personalValuation for Purpose financial statements or similar need Estimating Replacement Costs. Replacement Cost in principle reflects the cost of modern equivalent asset (MEA). Although the actual cost of reproduction or to be estimated, an asset that is considered relevant to use, but in some cases, especially for assets that are old or outdated, information costs are not relevant. With illustrated as follows: in calculating the value of a machine part that has been used for several years. At the latest technology, assets with a similar capacity, now available to smaller engines and more efficient, so that the old machine cannot be replaced with the exact same machine. Modern equivalent asset is obtained not by looking at physical characteristics, but with compare the capability and capacity of an asset.

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Indonesia tobacco industry

ipad-art-wide-indonesia-420x0As one source of state revenue, the tobacco industry has a very important contribution in state revenue. Environmental aspects affecting the cigarette industry in Indonesia, even though from the perspective of its potential is quite large, so the State revenue from this sector relatively large.

Indonesia is the tobacco industry’s most dynamic where tobacco consumption is still growing. Indonesia is a clove cigarette market and fifth largest in the world. So, Indonesia is also a growing market with huge potential.

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Property Valuer Wanted in Indonesia

V_Property1We are public property appraiser (KJPP Pangaloan) in indonesia will be growing rapidly, requiring several professionals in their fields
Property Appraiser
with the classification as follows:
1. Members MAPPI, economics graduate, law graduate, finance graduate or equivalent with it, man or woman
2. 2 years work experience
3.Understand of Jakarta, Bekasi, Bogor, Banten and surrounding areas
4. Able to operate Excel, Windows and mapping of land

Machinery and Equipment Appraisers
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Residential Property Price Survey

Both residential property price and sales in quarter II-2010 were increase.

Residential Property Price Index confirmed to move higher in quarterly (1.04%) and annual basis (2.89%). The increasing index was swelled by the growing on residential property sales.

Prices were expected continued to move even higher in quarter III-2010. Most of respondents acknowledged that the pressures on residential property prices were boosted by the rise in price of building materials and higher worker’s salaries.

Based on the type of building, small type of building encountered the highest price increase (1.37%,qtq). Meanwhile, from the 14 regions being surveyed, the highest price increase was reported in Bandung (1.78%, qtq).

Respondents also confirmed that the high mortgage interest rates, the rising on price of building materials, relatively high tax rates and a tangle of red tape bureaucracy have been hindering the activities in residential property business.

Respondents also acknowledged that internal funds remained to be the major source of financing their residential property project. Whereas in purchasing the house, most of consumers still used house ownership loans facilities with interest rate of 10% to 12% on average.

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