Marketing mix

7Ps-Marketing1Promotion is one part of marketing (marketing mix). Marketing consists of variables that can be combined companies to influence the demand for products (services) offered. The marketing variables are more commonly known as 4Ps but in service businesses plus 3Ps so the number of marketing mix variables is that 7Ps by Ronal T. Anthony S. Rist Zaholik and Timothy L. Keiningham (1996:11) consists of: Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Physical Evidence and Process. [Read more…]

Cellular and oil reserved market going up

Cellular market

market-shareThe cellular market in Indonesia has seen spectacular growth over the past three years. The market heating up and is potentially lucrative as the demand for mobile phones continues to grow. However, the market penetration rate still remains the lowest in the Asia Pacific region at around %. In 1997, only about 1 million Indonesians were cellular subscribers; by 2001 the number had own to 5.7 million. By the end of 2002 there were 11.3 million subscribers, surpassing the fixed one line market which stood at 7.6 million at the end of 2002. The market grew 59 percent in 2003 18 million subscribers. In 2002 the total revenue for cellular market was $1.17 trillion, and is estimated to reach $2.2 trillion in 2003. But there is still plenty of headroom. In 2004, the number is likely to reach 23 million subscribers. By 2007, the Indonesia’s cellular-phone market is expected to have 42 million subscribers, about 18 percent of the population. [Read more…]

Tangerang retail market going up

antarafoto-mitra10-csap-040413-bal-2Until late 2005, supply area shopping centers in Greater Jakarta (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi), about 2.98 million m2, an increase of 3.47% compared to 2004 (2.88 million m2). For the Jakarta area, supply area of ​​a shopping center in 2005 experienced growth of 70,000 m2, the addition of supply from the shopping center strata title, namely Poins, Pasar Tanah Abang Block BA and the Jakarta City Center (JCC).  For shopping centers with lease system in Jakarta has extensive additions to the opening of Pondok Indah Mall 2. While there are additions to the Bodetabek new shopping center area of 30,000 m2. [Read more…]

Pasar Tanah Abang big potential market

damri-bandara-tanah-abangPasar Tanah Abang Blok BB, D, C and E are located in Central Jakarta on Jalan Kebon Jati precisely and Jalan KH Mas Mansyur Kampung Bali Village, Municipality of Central Jakarta with a total area covering approximately 1.5 ha.

The land is bounded by:  Northside is the Tanah Abang Market Block Building BA; Southern Jalan Kebon Jati (Kelurahan Kebon Kacang); West of Tanah Abang Market Block Building BF; Eastside Road KH Fachrudin (Kp Village. Bali)

The location is located relatively close to the area due to commercial and business center close enough to the golden triangle area. At a distance of up to 3 km radius, there are many office buildings or shopping, the Ramayana Market, Metro Tanah Abang and Jakarta City Center (JACC). This location is also located close to office buildings such as Wisma Kosgoro and Plaza Permata at Jl. M.H. Thamrin, and Wisma Atrhaloka and Landmark Building in Jalan Sudirman and public facilities such as Rubber stations, hotels and some apartments are apartments Pavilion Park and Four Seasons Apartments which provide added value to the location of this project in terms of value of economic activity. [Read more…]

Palm oil mills are still marketable

381960249_602Development of palm oil mills in Indonesia began in 2001 is expected to tend to increase along with the continued increase in world crude palm oil consumption in 2000 amounted to 20.645 million tonnes and production amounted to 19.962 million tonnes and continued to increase until 2010, when world crude palm oil consumption is expected to reach 29 million tons with production reached 28.571 million tons.

From the projection of world crude palm oil production when compared with its needs are still there is a large market opportunity. Meanwhile, CPO demand in the country, both CPO and PKO until today generally can be met from domestic production. Under these conditions means the market opportunities both domestically and to export up to now is still pretty good, this shows that the prospect of building the capacity of 60 tons of IBS / hour palm oil mills are still quite good and in terms of marketing to be marketable. [Read more…]