Marketing mix

7Ps-Marketing1Promotion is one part of marketing (marketing mix). Marketing consists of variables that can be combined companies to influence the demand for products (services) offered. The marketing variables are more commonly known as 4Ps but in service businesses plus 3Ps so the number of marketing mix variables is that 7Ps by Ronal T. Anthony S. Rist Zaholik and Timothy L. Keiningham (1996:11) consists of: Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Physical Evidence and Process.

The product is something that can be offered to someone else market to meet the needs and desires of either goods or services. Price is a fee (in cash) must be spent to get products or services offered by the company. Place is where the various activities undertaken by the company in providing products / services in the right amount and place it in the right place anyway, so the product is always available when consumers or customers need it. Promotion is the activity of communicating product / service and advice customers to buy it. People are people directly involved in running the activities of companies and are an important factor for companies that need attention existence. Physical Evidence is the stuff that significantly influences consumer decisions to buy and use products / services offered. Element is the physical environment, such as supplies, logo, colors and others. Process is a venture company in running its activities and seeks to meet the needs and desires of consumers. For service companies in the business realized with the cooperation between the operational marketing.

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