Indonesia Mining Conference and Exhibition 2011

MI15-logoIndonesia Mining Conference and Exhibition 2011 to be held on 21-22 September 2011. “The Challenges under the New Mining Paradigm”. Find out: Challenges in new mining paradigm; Balancing mining revenue for central, Regional and local people’s prosperity; Cross subsidy policy and models among rich and poor regions-other mining country; Inventive and innovative approach for geology and exploration encouragement and guidance for junior mining companies; challenges related to developing Indonesia’s Mineral Resource Potential; Financing challenges for mine owners and investors; Managing political risks with good corporate governance in mining projects


Provide understanding for investors about a paradigm change in the Indonesian mining industry. Provide government with input and potential solutions for resolving challenges and barriers of growth aimed at achieving sustainability for the mining industry. Focus on optimizing profits through strategic investments to increase stakeholder benefits. Synergy public and private sectors with best practices implementation for mining.


The mining event that brings together decision makers, policy makers, advisors and investors from all over Indonesia and an excellent opportunity to network in one place. Over 500 executives exploring new investments and Emerging opportunities from Indonesia, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, and the rest of Asia all under one roof.  A content-driven agenda created and delivered by an expert panel of speakers addressing “Mining Indonesia: The Challenges under the New Mining Paradigm”

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