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logo-asprekanPangaloan, graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) in 1995 with a Bachelor in Mining Engineering. Property Valuation experience in 16 years. He started his private practice in 1996 when he In Group Panangian Simanungkalit & Associates PT. His career path is briefly outlined as follows: 2007-Now in KJPP Pangaloan as Appraisers and Consultants as Leader; 2005-2009 in Graha Karya Reksatama PT as Director; 2003-2005 in Arga Nilai Mandiri as Director; 1999-2003 in Pronilai Consulting as Head Appraisal; 1996-1999 in Panangian Simanungkalit & ASS PT as Head Appraisal

Hulman S, graduated from Sekolah Tinggi Tehnologi Jakarta (STTJ) in 1999 with a Bachelor in Civil Engineering. Property Valuation experience in 20 years. [Read more…]

Take control of cigarette production in Indonesia


In order: Protecting generation present and future of health damage, social, environmental and economic consequences of tobacco consumption and exposure to smoke tobacco.

Cigarette Production Control measures as follows: Rates for cigarettes and restrictions on tobacco production. The price for clove cigarette machines become Rp 266 per rod, while the white cigarette machine to Rp 246.2 per rod and clove cigarette hand to Rp 151.9 per rod. Meanwhile, restrictions on cigarette production in 2010 amounted to 250 billion sticks, and by 2015 about 260 billion cigarettes. If in 2000 the production was 213 billion cigarettes, 2009 is 245 billion sticks, or up 15 percent. In 2010, production according to the prediction of Community Alliance Tobacco Indonesia could reach 265 billion rod.

Registration cigarette production machines counteract the efforts aimed at producing cigarettes illegally. The number of cigarette company in 2007 as many as 4,793, and has decreased until in 2010 the number becomes 2,600. [Read more…]

Mine valuation in Indonesia needs and strategic

perkantoran-surabayaAlong with economic growth forecast for the better in 2011 and the growth of the national electricity (on average) in the next ten years is estimated at 9.2% per year, government policy requires that the perpetrators of coal mining to be more concerned with domestic coal demand is the right thing. In our opinion this has been confirmed again in UU4/2009 on Mineral and Coal called Domestic Market Obligation (DMO). Domestic coal production is 254 million tons (data: 2009), with exports of 198 million tones and the remaining domestic needs.

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Indonesia economy in 2011 is better

working_in_indonesiaThe continued acceleration of domestic demand (eg: household consumption household) as in 2010, the Indonesian economic growth forecast to grow 6.0% -6.5% in 2011, some analysts expect economic growth to reach 7.0%. Household consumption is forecast to grow at 4.9% -5.2% by 2010. Based on the Consensus Forecast, the countries in the Asia Pacific region has the potential to 5.1% in 2011. Indonesia is very potential to be a new power the world economy, amid, the global economic recovery process is still in progress will encourage strong growth of exports in the future. [Read more…]

Building permit is part public service

building-permitIn Valuation Property (housing and other, building permits is one very important factor as the basis for calculating market value or non market value.
Public service is a service process that cannot be separated from issues of public interest, so there is a correlation between public service and public interest. In the development of public services may arise because of the obligation as a process of organizational activities (governance). Building Permit Granting of government is a form of public service as well, where achievement, requiring the process mechanism, time, and a particular bureaucracy.
In addition, the government can make it as object of Building Permit fees with classified according to function, construction and age, region, location, height, area and ownership status. Building permit granted by private or government entity is to establish a building meant for design, development and construction in accordance with applicable Spatial plan, in accordance with: Border Lines Building, Line Border River, Building coverage Ratio (BCR): ratio between the magnitude of the building footprint (the part that covers the soil surface) with a total area of catchment land; Building Size Coefficient, And other requirements

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