Indonesia economy outlook for years 2013

indonesia-investment-outlook-and-policy-development-14-638Indonesia Economy Outlook for Years 2013; With commitment and consistency to carry out programs and activities that have been planned in the long term, medium term and short term, as well as the policies and efforts made to overcome the problems and challenges, the Indonesian economy in the year 2013 will still show an encouraging performance.

In the year 2013, the U.S. and European economies remain exposed to the process of strengthening the fiscal and economic recovery, including through tighter monetary policy. Thus the exchange rate of the U.S. dollar and Europe tends to weaken against Asian currencies. The rupiah exchange rate in the longā€term return will reflect the real value of the difference between Indonesian and U.S. inflation.

Because the Indonesian inflation is higher than U.S. inflation, exchange rate against the dollar should weaken. However, the tendency weakening U.S. dollar as the economic recovery continues to cover the difference between U.S. and Indonesian inflation. [Read more…]

Forest valuation

valuation1Carrying out a forest valuation requires knowledge of what there is in the forest (forest inventory information), knowledge of what the future expectations might be for that forest (yield models), understanding of the market prices, costs and returns that might be achieved, and knowledge of the forestry business operations. Further, it requires adoption of an appropriate valuation process and a method considering the actual purpose of forest valuation and type of the asset being valued. The growing stock is valued in its present location and condition excluding any increases in value due to e.g. larger investments in silvicultural activities or replanting of harvested areas. This means that the valuation period is one rotation, allowing the trees to reach maturity, based on their rotation age, where after they are harvested without any new investments into replanting. [Read more…]

Hospital construction project



Hospital as a medical referral system chain, have an important role in the implementation of the National Health System. The importance of the role of the hospital is seen in: the role of the hospital as a medical service quality corresponding class hospital. The role of the hospital as a place of health education of all levels ranging from medical, public doctors and specialist doctors, who are ready to spread throughout the national territory. The role of the hospital as a place of research and development of science and technology in medical field that became an important tool in improving the quality of medical services.

In accordance with the development of society, the hospital is also constantly evolving. Many factors have an influence on the development of hospitals in Indonesia. Several important factors and their influence on the development of lay weakly in Indonesia are: [Read more…]

Short sale alternatives solutions

shortsale3Recent years, the economy around the world has decreased significantly. indeed, in some countries not affected by the decline in the quality of the economy in the United States and Europe, however, almost all countries in the world economic decline. it is affected by the financial condition of each household, so they should really take into consideration all forms of expenditure is used for each family.

From exposure that we express the above, as the head of our household have observant with all sorts of expenditures issued to meet all the needs of the family. for that we need to frequently audit the household economy. ranging from income, loans, unexpected expenses, savings, spending, and so on. so that our economy does not come fall, and eventually could hurt the whole family. [Read more…]

Basic terms of hotel valuation

assessmentEstablish assessment task is the first step. This step is very important because it will affect the next steps. The question may be asked; where is the location of the property being assessed? What are the facilities available at the hotel? The effective date of valuation. What is the objective assessment? The ownership of the assessed. Is there excess land (surplus land)?. Who is going to manage the hotel? and others.

Collection Data. Determination of assessment tasks will determine what data is needed. Source of data: property owner or client, primary market research data (performed by the appraiser in field and property inspection and interview), secondary market research data (data in house from hotel comparison or other sources, note confidentiality agreement). The data collection process must be thorough and meticulous. Results of the assessment depend on the process. [Read more…]