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Central Jakarta – Indonesia

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KJPP PANGALOAN one individual businesses that have gained recognized City Assessor Business Objective and Independent. Activities in the field of valuation services and business consultancy services relating to the other in terms of assessment of the extent of the grounded area of expertise and experience.

KJPP PANGALOAN participate consciously acting to Business Partner in the context of market development, business and the industry itself is healthy, solid and stable in Indonesia through research, assessment services, studies, planning, supervision, marketing and development investment.

KJPP PANGALOAN present to maintain balance in the property market as well as an independent property consultant so as to create a fair market, healthy, controlled and accountable.


KJPP Pangaloan (one independent appraiser or valuer company in Indonesia) was established in Jakarta in the year of 2007, serving as a new form of public appraisal firm substituting PT. Graha Karya Reksatama subject to Minister of Finance decision letter No. 125/PMK.01/2008 date September 3, 2008 regarding Public Appraisal Services, which is the latest version from previous decision letter No. 57/KMK.017/1996 and No. 106/PMK.01/2006.KJPP Pangaloan is managed by Leader, I have passed the Valuer Certification Examination, and posses The Valuer Licence issued by Minister of Finance.

KJPP Pangaloan has been registered in Capital Market Supervisory Board (BAPEPAM) as capital market supporting profession. KJPP Pangaloan continuously develops the database and existence supported by qualified registered valuers, experienced in asset valuation (real estate, plant and machinery and agriculture), business valuation, as well as other related services and all of them have become the members of MAPPI (Indonesian Society of Appraisal).

The appraisal reports produced by KJPP Pangaloan are well accepted by practically all banks, Government Banks, Private Banks, as well as Foreign Banks among others since the company has been registered as trusted appraisal firms in those banks.

Scope of services valuation by KJPP Pangaloan

Scope of services valuation or appraisal offered by KJPP Pangaloan are among others, but not limited to: Land, building and other improvement, and other land development, Installation and equipment chained as a unit and/or standing alone in the production process, Transportation equipment, heavy equipment, communication equipment, health equipment, laboratory equipment and utility, furniture fixture and office equipment, and military equipment, Hotel, Shopping/ Mall, Office Property, Agricultures, plantations, farms, fisheries, and forestry, Mining (Gold, Coal, etc), Property development consultancy, Asset information system design, Property management, Feasibility study, Property agent services, Project financing monitoring.

KJPP Pangaloan possess a great deal of experiences in its field of services, which cover asset valuation for Government Owned Enterprises, asset valuation for Initial Public Offering (IPO) through Capital Market/Stock Exchange, valuation of asset in huge numbers spread all over Indonesia, feasibility study, asset valuation of Regional Government for financial reporting.

Our professional fee are computed based on number of man-days required to conduct and complete the assignment, plus other related office charges.

Other Scope of Valuation from KJPP Pangaloan

Property Development Consultancy

With the experience possessed by the personnel experts as a development consultant in Indonesia, the services offered are as follows:

Feasibility Study: a service that provides professional recommendations in a plan that includes development of land analysis, macroeconomic analysis, legal analysis, social and environmental analysis, technical analysis, market analysis and financial analysis.

Highest & Best Use Study: a study that will provide the best solutions and most profitable of the various alternatives on a development plan that includes land area analysis, macroeconomic analysis, legal analysis, social and environmental analysis, technical analysis, market analysis and analysis finance.

Project Supervision

KJPP Pangaloan provide the services to supervise the project include monitoring loans (loan monitoring) and technical supervision (engineering supervision).

Loan monitoring, specialized services that will provide a very valuable benefit in the world of banking and investment. Serves as a supervisor for the client, we will ensure the release of funds or loans will be based on the stages of the project has been completed in accordance with planned standards.

Engineering supervision, provides project oversight services to conduct surveillance of the technical side of project implementation in the field of housing, industrial areas, industrial buildings, commercial buildings and infrastructure.

Asset Management Consultancy

KJPP Pangaloan provides consultancy services in asset management. Asset management encompasses all aspects from the inventory, identification and assessment of the economic and legal aspects, optimizing asset utilization analysis to asset management planning and preparation of asset management information system.

Asset management is needed especially by the public sector both local government and central government, state enterprises and companies that had assets of real property and spread. Information systems combined with asset management will facilitate the management and optimize asset utilization.

Property Marketing Consultancy

This Consultancy will provide advice to property owners about ways to strengthen the appropriate marketing strategies are planned for commercial property, retail, industrial, and housing.

Corporate Real Estate Consultancy, in understanding and anticipating the business needs for efficiency and optimized utilization of assets KJPP Pangaloan offer this service. Through a focused management, these services will reduce the various costs, maximize space utilization, improve working conditions and capital for investment in its core business. This service is a combination of understanding of the business and property issues. These services include relocation, mergers, acquisitions, property portfolio audit, and financial modeling.

Market Research

KJPP Pangaloan provide these services include market surveys to identify market trends for all types of properties, demand and supply analysis, price analysis, lease analysis, yield projections, analysis of the performance of the property sector, for investment purposes, the property portfolio analysis for identification of idle assets and maximize the income from property ownership.

Information Technology

Information quickly and accurately on the target is needed in effective decision making. To meet the client’s wishes in the information sector, KJPP Pangaloan also offers an experienced IT team and supported by the latest technology. By combining extensive experience in property and the application of information technology we have created a software system designed specifically to carry out effective asset management. Product we’ve built a Management Information System for Regional Goods which has been used by some local governments and city governments in Indonesia. We can build a management information system in accordance with the needs of clients.